Friday, 6 July 2012

302 lakhs + NIPER +"GANG OF नईपार " = Impurity and stability of trading

Ex-Dean, Indulged in unauthorized Brokerage/ Commission Sale while holding the positions in the year 2009-10. Utilizing 11th five year plan money, he procured chemicals (two impurity standards) from a local manufacturer, M/S Ind Swift Labs, Panchkula for Rs. 9.00 lacs ( Rs. nine lacs).  He sold these two impurities to the United States Pharmacopeia for Rs. 20.8 lacs (Rs. twenty lacs eighty thousand), thus carrying a profit of 13.5 lacs on the sale. He has submitted a claim under the disguise of consultancy services of NIPER a share of the profit under advisory as well as research consultancy. 

From a a bare perusal of the facts, it is clear that Ex-Dean has gravely misused his official position and his act may bring disrepute to the stature and reputation of NIPER.

General Financial Rules, 2005
Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure

Rule 26. Responsibility of Controlling Officer in respect of Budget allocation: The duties and responsibilities of a controlling officer in respect of funds placed at his disposal are to ensure :

(i) that the expenditure does not exceed the budget allocation. 
(ii) that the expenditure is incurred for the purpose for which funds have been provided. 
(iii) that the expenditure is incurred in public interest. 
(iv) that adequate control mechanism is functioning in his department
for prevention, detection of errors and irregularities in the financial proceedings of his subordinate offices and to guard against waste and loss of public money, and
(v) that mechanism or checks contemplated at (iv) above are effectively applied.

Name of the Scheme
Name of attached faculty/personnel
5 yr Plan Budget (lakhs)
Objective with deliverables
Reference Standard Development
S Singh
Development reference standards for Indian Pharmacopoeial Commission (IPC).
How many reference Standard   Developed?
Money used in trading
Impurity Profiling Facility
S Singh
Provide synthesized impurities to SME and global pharma industry
How many Impurity Standard   Developed?
Money used in trading?

Money for these two projects obviously not sanctioned for trading Mid term Review committee also commented on one of the projects and recommended to be shelved 

1. Act of Ex-Dean in buying chemicals from one source and selling it to another is a clear act of trading which is prohibited for Govt. employee.

2. Act of Ex-Dean as a responsible senior officer of the Institute, who is well aware of the rules, and also knowing he has not given any advice or research efforts in this ‘Brokerage/ Commission Sale’

3. More over the by distributing 21.5 lacs the initial investment of the institute 7.5 lacs is also not returned. Which mounts a case on ‘embezzlement of Govt. money’.

Ex-Chairman SPC-I tried his level best to prevent this corrupt purchase, kept the file on hold and asked for proper justification. Finally the Ex-Director under pressure Instructed the SPC-I chairman "PLEASE PROCESS"    It is pertinent to mention that SPC-I chairman lost his chairmanship for this act and Ex-dean became the Chairman of SPC-I to facilitate future deals like this.

Documents obtained through RTI speak the truthThough "GANG OF नईपार" will say "Abuse of RTI by Team Roy"

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