Tuesday, 3 July 2012

199.29 lakhs + NIPER +"GANG OF नईपार " = Non functional Swimming pool

Summer months, delayed monsoon, power cut but no respite for students and residents of NIPER Mohali campus. State of the Art Olympic size swimming pool is still non functional 17th months after completion and 17 lakhs cost over run.

Government supported well by giving 182 lakhs budgeted expenditure and also put the bill of 17 lakhs over and above budgeted expenditure.   

GFR 2005 Rule 26. Responsibility of Controlling Officer in respect of Budget allocation: 

The duties and responsibilities of a controlling officer in respect of funds placed at his disposal are to ensure:

(i) that the expenditure does not exceed the budget allocation. 
(ii) that the expenditure is incurred for the purpose for which funds have been provided.
(iii) that the expenditure is incurred in public interest. 
(iv) that adequate control mechanism is functioning in his department for prevention, detection of errors and irregularities in the financial proceedings of his subordinate offices and to guard against waste and loss of public money, and 
(v) that mechanism or checks contemplated at (iv) above are effectively applied.

For the unfortunate residents of NIPER Mohali picture in the Top and bottom of the page are only for visual comfort or Virtual swimming. 

Corrupts are enjoying airconditioner at their respective home, or vacationing in higher riches of Himalayas 

Satya Seleucus..ki bichitro ei Desh (really Seleucus, what an amazing country is this!)

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