Monday, 17 December 2012

DG's together to select 'Director for NIPER’

DELHI: The five member selection committee consisting of Director Generals of ICMR, CSIR, DBT, DST is constituted to look for the new director of National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, (NIPER), Mohali. The comittee is meeting  on 21st Dec 2012 to 'identify the most suitable candidates’ for the post. Nine candidates in total are called for the interview, five are from NIPER, Mohali including ex and officiating directors. Candidates from NII, ITRC, DRDO and Gour University are also in the race.


  1. Let us hope that a most suitable candidate is selected for this coveted post, unlike like the candidate for the post of Registrar..

  2. the word 'like' may be deleted from my comment posted earlier in the day. It was due to typical error...

  3. director frm outside the campus is more suitable for the environment...

    1. Thats's correct. But the person selected must be a must with proven record, not greedy for money or fame, and with a positive attitude towards the problems. Its difficult to get such a person, but not impossible. NIPER needs a frame good personnel policy, so man with good personnel background is needed in the administration too.