Friday 7 December 2012

Questions being asked after removal of PJP Singh; Registrar NIPER

1. Legal expenses incurred by NIPER to defend the case CWP-6458 of 2012 regarding the selection & appointment of Mr. PJP Singh Waraich as Registrar, NIPER. NIPER is a public funded Institute and all the money comes from tax-payers.

2. Action taken by NIPER after 30.11.2012 for the post of Registrar, NIPER.

3. Amount of Salaries and expenses to be recovered from Mr. Wariach/NIPER administration, paid during the period of 04.07.2011 to 30.11.2012 due to illegal occupation on the post of Registrar, NIPER. 

4. Validity of orders (Regarding appointment, termination, show-cause notices and any other administrative order) issued by Mr. PJP Singh Waraich as Registrar, NIPER starting from 04.07.2011 till date.

5. Validity of the academic degrees (Master and PhD students) signed by Mr. PJP Singh Waraich.

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