Monday, 10 December 2012

Letter of Appreciation on removal of a ineligible, incompetent and unknowledgeable officer.

A. K. Kakria
Consultant, NIELIT
SCO 114-116, Sector-17B

5th December 2012

The Director
National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research

This has a reference to the news item under the caption “Court sets aside appointment of NIPER’s Registrar” in the Hindustan Times of today, the 5th December, 2012. I appreciate the decision of the Honorable Punjab & Haryana High Court as it will amount to shunting out of an ineligible and incompetent officer holding the very crucial and important position of Registrar in your esteemed organization. Needless to say, the person was an egoistic, and having a negative attitude and approach. Such people have proved very hazardous to the organizations. I came to know of it during a very short inter action with him of about 20 minutes during my interview for the post of Deputy Registrar (Administration) last month.

The so called Registrar who himself had shallow knowledge of central government rules and regulations was a member of the Selection Committee, asked me a question “after what period of time a post lapses”. When I  replied that it lapses after the expiry of one year from the date it had fallen vacant and has to be got revived as per the directives of the MoF, he, many times, repeated that I was wrong and it’s three years, not one year. Though he was wrong he wanted to make me agree to his point.  A candidate can’t, you know, confront a member of the selection committee, and if he does, he is taken otherwise. When I didn’t agree to his view point, he started asking hypothetical questions. I concluded, during interview, that this man didn’t want any knowledgeable person as deputy under him and felt a pity for such an officer.

I had read many interviews of toppers of the UPSC’s Civil Services Examinations. Most of the candidates had mentioned in their interviews that the attitude of the members of the selection panel was very much co-operative and non-confrontal, unlike this gentleman.

I am happy and congratulate you as NIPER has got rid of an ineligible, incompetent and unknowledgeable officer.



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