Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hail Hitler: mail circulated to NIPER M employees

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 Hail hitler

The officiating Director is inimical to the interests of the institute due to the following traits:
1. He seems to be short sighted and visionless as he has given no positive direction to the institute in the last three years. His thoughts and schemes are half baked and lack any rhyme or reason.
2. He has allegedly indulged in personal vendetta and has been using the resources of the institute to settle scores.
3. His attitude is self-righteous, his actions defy logic and he has complicated even simple administrative decisions. Thanks to these characteristics, the institute has been entangled in avoidable litigation.
4. He has allegedly an accusing attitude and back bites his own colleagues and subordinates. This has greatly vitiated the atmosphere of the institute.
5. His words often carry no weight and he mostly tries to bluff out of situations. Bluffmaster? Eh! He often throws the burden of his (foolish?) actions (or inactions?) on BOG or the ministry or his colleagues.
6. He is known to deliberately deny credit of work to his colleagues and subordinates and often bullies them to put down their arsenal.
7. He has allegedly been defying some of the decisions of the BOG deliberately.
8. He has overtly or covertly supported the illegal diversion of grants from the ministry.
9. He has allegedly been running the institute as a kitchen administration and has often been penny wise pound foolish.
10. Selections to new posts during his tenure have allegedly been a disaster and have brought only misery to the institute.
11.  He has allegedly been resorting to illegal means for hiring consultants/ props to stand up his own administrative incapability.
12. More facilities in the institute have been closed than started during his tenure.

                                             SO THE BIG QUESTION IS
How can a person with so many negative traits continue to misguide the institute to negative growth. We, the unknown, as conscientious well wishers of the people of India, cannot witness the degradation of an institute of national importance to a Lala’s roadside shop by pseudo-scientists like K K Bhutani.
                                       Is anybody listening?
Anyway, 3 cheers to Dr. Bhutani for expert dismantling services. Hope for an early demise to the Institute of national importance if he is around for another 2-3 years.

1. Dear reader, enjoy the write up, but do give it a serious thought.
2. Do not come to read it again. Your file may be ready by then.

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