Tuesday, 23 April 2013

"I am not going to come to the Institute from tomorrow" Saranjit Singh

NIPER Students threaten hunger strike

Express news service Posted online: Tue Apr 23 2013, 02:07 hrs
Chandigarh : NIPER students continued their strike by protesting in front of the administrative block of the institute. They complained that despite continuous protests, no action had yet been taken to fulfil their demands and said they will go on a hunger strike from Tuesday if their demands are not met.
Professor Saranjit Singh, acting director of National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), S A S Nagar, Monday had written, “I am not going to come to the Institute from tomorrow. Thanks for all the love and respect my dear students,” on an open interest signature petition, demanding the resignation of the Officiating Director Professor K K Bhutani by the students.
Professor Singh refused to give any comments and said that it was an “internal matter”.
Students complained the construction of the girls’ hostel, which should have been completed latest by October 15 last year, has not even started.
“There is an insufficient number of rooms in the girls’ hostel due to which students have been accommodated in non-teaching staff quarters, and some of us have been accommodated in the boys’ hostel also,” complained the research scholars and masters students, protesting against the authorities.
Registrar Wing Commander (retd) P J P Singh Waraich said, “We have not yet received funds for construction of the girls’ hostel and we have provided adequate accommodation and facilities for the girls. We want students to talk to us directly.”
Talking about placements, a student alleged, “The number of students which the institute boasts of placing in companies is actually less than stated.”
The Dean, Professor U C Banerjee, said, “The information provided by the institute about the placements is correct. I do not have details available with me right now but the information is not false.”
Later in the evening, students carried out a silent protest in front of the Officiating Director’s residence. According to students, they wanted to talk to him regarding their demands. Police reached the spot as a preventive measure to ensure the situation doesn’t get out of control.

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