Tuesday 16 April 2013

URGENT CALL for ALL NIPERites: Do or Die Condition

From: Niper Wellwisher <niperwellwisher@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 5:27 PM
Subject: Fwd: URGENT CALL for ALL NIPERites: Do or Die Condition.
To: nisja

Respected Members,

On behalf of general interest for all NIPERites I would like to share some points which may appeal you to join the protest. Single motto "We want resignation of DIRECTOR"

1) Many students are unhappy with the chaos happened in last session. Reason was different people had different interest. This time we assure you there won't be any student committee and no negotiation. Just single motto “we want resignation from NIPER Mohali director”. So there is no point of negotiation.

Reasons why we are asking resignation from director:

1) As per the demand different committees were made like: Placement Committee, Library Committee, Hostel Committee and Wifi Committee.

2) All this committee did their job like:

Library Committee: Meetings were held along with library in charge, negotiation team and students representative. All points related to reading room, library time and Journal subscription reached to a particular practical decision but when it came to approval from director things didn't have approval. Reason is not justifiable.

Wi-fi Committee: Last year onwards the proposal was drafted by Prabha Mem and it even received 30 lacs approval from the Central Government. But when the point comes for sanctioning that money Director didn't give approval. Reason is not justified.

Hostel Committee: Kartha Sir and Ipshita Mem's continuous efforts for hostel welfare and student care have written several letters to release financial fund but all are at deaf ears.Even money is sanctioned for girls hostel but still no action.

On 3rd April Director has given on paper that I have kept one driver (Full time: 24 hrs) with car (24X7) and one security guard to assist in emergency situation. We trusted him since he gave this written on paper with his signature. On 7th April, 2013 during night time there was emergency case. Kartha Sir called director for immediate action. Director gave him a particular person no. When Karth Sir called on that no. there was no driver on duty. Reason is Director said he has kept a full time driver but didn't give him accommodation on campus nor a car's key so that he could be on time. Although Director was not on campus at that time but I hope we all understand that such a high post of Director if can't arrange a driver on time what can we expect from him. In absence of director all powers are vested to some officiating director but still no timely action. Kartha Sir with the help of Amit (Chenab Mess Contractor) took the patient to hospital at night 2 A.M. This shows our Professors care for student but not of our administrative head “Director” What a pathetic condition. Directordoesn’t want to decentralize his power to some concerned authorities. All financial powers are limited to director only.  
Even Kartha Sir has officially signed on paper stating “Whatever demands kept in front of Director by students committee is not fulfilled”  

Placement Committee: The most burning issue and point of concern for all the members. Within this 15 days ultimatum placement meeting was called on 12th day i.e 12th April, 2013 of the strike and that too when Ali sir, Amit Sir and other members went to Kartha Sir asking about what's the progress from placement cell. After this event all placement committee members were informed on 11th April evening that on 12th April there is meeting of placement coordinators. Meeting went in very interactive way and various practical decisions were taken. Bansal Sir showed his full support. He gave all his industrial contacts and even written mail to all the faculties to provide their industrial links. For immediate passing batch student’s decision was taken that"Placement agencies will be hired where agent will send students to industry for interview and if placement done students will pay his first salary to agent". All members got agreed for time being to this proposal. But than what will be NIPER's liability. What about that placement money which is collected by the institute. So we asked institute to carry out "HR summit" like conferences. Where we will ask all industries HR's to come on campus and have interaction with faculty members and students. So placement committee students along with Bansal Sir had drafted a budget of approximate 70, 000. And date of HR Summit is 1st or 2nd May, 2013 (Tentative). Again we require directors approval.(Still Pending) Although they have enough fund for placement. (Our Student's money)
We even asked to send advertisement for Placement officer who has salary of Professors grade. (70-80K) But decision are still pending. In Short our professors want to support us but without financial power they can't do anything.

Even labs situation is very pathetic. No chemicals in storehouse. Even amount of funding sanctioned to Professors is 30-40% of that of previous year. Ultimately our research is about to affect and ultimately our career is on big question.
FRIENDS you all are even aware of other situations like Registrar, our 3 professors unexplained termination, no respect for either existing students as well as passed out Alumini. As you are aware every institutes assets are their students. Real outcome. Our very week and highly dispersed alumini indicates what respect NIPER Students have for their students . Definitely why should they have if there is such a pathetic administration with autocratic DIRECTOR.
“Use your own BRAIN and if you think we can make some difference than please join us whole heartedly”
All niperites who are on campus is requested to be on GPL ground today evening and if your HEART says yes than please join us on Monday (15th APRIL, 2013) for mass protest

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