Sunday, 11 December 2011

Big day for India, AnnaJi will be in Jantar Mantar all day

Bipeds are most advanced biological creatures evolved with brain and neurons for higher level of thinking (some times very low level of thinking are also done by the same organ). 

The advanced neurological organ is protected in skull and the very important encasing called vertebra, which enables biped to stand erect and face another biped into the eyes and talk.

The origin of truth lies in the eye contact, it is difficult to lie looking at eyes (give it a try). 

To day few of our political leders will look into the eyes of Indian people and tell the truth.

But the 64 million dollar question is why Didi is mum in whole episode of Lokpal? Not a comment regarding Lokpal/ Janlokpal

Arvind Kejriwal asked the same question from Jantar Mantar today. 

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