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Unused facility @NIPER pertaining to Natural products

Achievement of officiating director in 11th five year plan projects pertaining to natural products. 

In 11th five year plan two projects were proposed/ taken up by officiating director NIPER.  A) Advanced Centre for Traditional Medicine (C-1409): Budget allocated 223 lakhs B) Standardization of Herbal Products (C-1609): Budget allocated 83 lakhs

Following objectives were set by officiating director himself for the scheme/projects

A) Advanced Centre for Traditional Medicine (C-1409): 

Ø  To lay down standards and effective quality controls on the herbal medicinal products.
Ø  To create databases for identification and authentication of materials with well defined botanical and phyto-chemical characteristics.
Ø  To evolve scientific cultivation practices of few pharmaceutical important medicinal plants/herbs by monitoring active principles for reference purposes and commercial exploitations.
Ø  To create libraries of marker/characterizing constituents for positive chemical identification of material through chemo-profiling.
Ø  To create quantitative standards for extracts and their formulations through chemo an bio-profiling.
Ø  To create standard protocols for establishing purity of materials, identification of adulterants, substitutes, pathogenic bacteria and fungi, heavy metals and pesticide residues.
Ø  To develop dosage forms of the herbal products their stability studies.
Ø  To develop bioavailability protocols for herbal medicinal products with the help of biomarkers.
Ø  To explore the use of natural products in the disease areas of anti-diabetics, anti-infective with emphasis on tropical diseases immuno-modulation and inflammation, gynaecology and endocrine dysfunctions and anti-cancer drugs with apoptotic molecular basis.
Ø  Finally to conduct clinical trials of the scientifically developed formulations and natural products based drugs to validate the traditional claims. 

B) Standardization of Herbal Products (C-1609): 

Ø  To standardize single herbal drugs and formulations. 

Four state of the art Green house were build with automatic sprinkler system and climate control for growing sustainable medicinal plant resources.

In reality few weeds are growing inside the green house.

A  green house for cactus is also build with modern fixtures. Some fixtures are stolen but not reported to police.

Whatever is growing inside in not cactus. 

Achievement so far (till mid term review), 

Lab construction, establishment and procurement of instruments viz. Super-critical Fluid Extraction System (SCFEs), HPTLC, Lyophlizer, GCMS system etc. has been made.
In the month of August 2009, a website was launched by Prof. K.K Bhutani giving brief description of work done by Natural Products Research Group at the Department of Natural Products along with downloadable department’s profile. 

Like objectives shade is also empty, nobody knows why it was build

Super-critical Fluid Extraction System (SCFEs), a costly state of the art system is gathering dust since installation.

Where is scientifically developed formulations?? 

What about clinical trial???

The only natural product for which NIPER could have demanded credit, came to market due to efforts of IPR cell. 

Vaid’s formula tops in asthma, cough research at PGI - Indian Express

Dr. Parikshit Bansal faculty worked hard for patenting, developing and marketing it, is now facing wrath of officiating Director, HOD Natural Products (for indulging into his domain????)

He will also face fact finding committee soon, his job might be terminated for launching a natural product at market, thanks to Officiating Director, HOD Natural Products.

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