Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How 11th five year plan money utilized @NIPER, an external committee report

Prominent points

1. There has been no significant progress in respected of following 3 projects. It is suggested that these schemes may be differed from the 11th Five year plan and money saved could be utilized for completing other schemes where the budgeted amount were under estimated.

a. Impurity profiling and stability testing ( Ex-dean used the money of the project for trading. In Financial year 1011-12 again money is allocated)

b. Earth filling and landscaping

c. Cerebral Ischemia / MRI

3. As such total expenditure of Rs. 168.53 crore exceeds the plan budget by Rs. 11.64 crore (mainly due to construction cost escalation)

4. Budgeted estimate for infrastructural projects involving civil work is grossly underestimated.

5. Since most of the buildings like Boys hostel, Community center is yet to be completed, the expenditure of Rs 181 lacs incurred during last three year needs to be looked into.  (This is the expense for furniture for new buildings which was not build at that time and furnitures were untraceable).

6. Urgent need of strengthening the finance and accounts department (money misappropriation?)

7.   There should be another Mid term review  of 11th Five year plan in mar-Apr 2011 (not Done)

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