Monday, 23 January 2012

Is bleak placement record of NIPER Mohali because of average marking?

The bleak placement record raised many eyebrows in the recent BOG meeting. It is also became point of agony to the many concern. Now the question is why is so? Why an institute of National importance after spending more then 400 crore of taxpayer money failed to place the students in respectable jobs?

CAG pointed out shoddy state of education @NIPER, "NIPER was established by Govt. of India as a center of excellence for imparting higher education research and development in pharmaceutical science and management. Thus it requires skilled staff for smooth running of teaching activities. The sanctioned strength was fixed in the year 1994.  As on 31 March 2011, the sanctioned strength of the staff in different cadres was 279, but the staff in position there for work was 165 only . Thus 144 posts in different cadres were lying vacant.

The following information may be furnished to audit:-
Reasons for not filling the vacant posts through the intake of students had increased by 66.82 percent compared to year 2009-10 may be intimated.

The manner in which NIPER was imparting education to the students in the absence of adequate staff may be intimated."

Answer to the CAG question is learnt recently, students were awarded average marks at least in two occasion without proper classes or training (imparting that type of education to the students does not require adequate staff),

When asked about the average marking Deputy Registrar, Academics & Examination (DR, A&E) NIPER replied, "There was no such provision of average marking in the NIPER statutes"

When there was no provision and you ((DR, A&E) was responsible for following all the laid down rules of the statutes then on what basis average marks were given to the students?

Deputy Registrar, Academics & Examination (DR, A&E) NIPER replied,"Director had constituted a sub committee  of Senate members ............ The Sub committee had recommended that the average marks should be given" 

When the same question about Senate sub committee asked to another Senate member Dr. Neeraj kumar, Dr. kumar replied that " The members were informed there was a Senate sub committee which had decided to award marks on average basis...."

He further stated that in his knowledge this Senate sub committee had never been formed in the Senate. He added that he was not agreeable to awarding average marks and as a senate member, gave his written dissent note.

Dr. Kumar also mentioned that as far as he remembered Dr. B. B. Tandon also mentioned that the award of average marks should not be the way, because it would set a wrong precedence and all others members were in agreement to this.  He further stated that this was only the verbal statement by Dr. Tandon and he did not submit any written note if dissent.

The alleged sub committee meeting never took place to give average marking. When asked to Professor C. S. Dey HOD Biotechnology about the meeting. Prof. Dey, replied that he was not able to recall. However, he stated that it was unlikely that such a meeting would have been held without his participation.”

When asked about the Senate sub committee formation, Prof Dey replied that he did not recall to have received the order of formation of such sub committee.

Knowing that the practice harming students future, all most all faculty members decided to keep mum about it. The person protested it, is victimized.

In several occasion Dr. Roy represented verbally as well as in written communication to competent authority that

“I do not want to associate my self with students who have not completed all the liabilities of 1st semester because of following ethical reason. At the end when the student will apply for any position in academia or industry, I have to write recommendation. In that recommendation I have to mention clearly whether they have completed all the liabilities of the course along with various skills they acquired during the course.   Since the present batch did not complete full course, part of their curriculum remain incomplete. Knowing that I will not be able to lie to national and or international scientific community.

"हे भारत उठो जागो" 

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