Monday, 9 January 2012

Naked King

There are many "king by chance" (read by uterus lottery) in the face of earth thinks "I am the law"
   & there are many more pauper, in fact many many more pauper thinks "ya he is right"
       & there are few courters, who sold their soul to devil, cry out loud "I agree Sir! I agree Sir!" for trivial personal gain.

But some times there are few good Samaritan who thinks otherwise. One fine morning they shout "King you are naked"

Now it is up to the king whom he believes "the own courtier or the whistle blower" Unfortunately history says none accepted the 'whistle blower'.

Most of the time the king is blinded by his own ego without realizing it. That very unrealization excels the king to temple of doom.

But some time KING of the kings make the king realize he is wrong.

To day is one of the day.............

This monologue is not for everybody, but for few people who have knowledge to certain events happened today. Those fortunate (or unfortunate) ones will be able to decipher it correctly.

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