Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Staff (non-teaching) Promotion Scheme @NIPER send to cold storage

Damocles’ sword has been kept hanging on  the head of NIPER Staff by putting a vague agenda item in BOG (9th Jan, 2012) by the institute which does not specify any time frame for providing any benefit to staff members in terms of promotion (Promotion is only reserved to chosen few).

It is relevant to mention here that many staff members has already put in more than ten years of service and deserves not only ‘reassurance’ of continued service but also due recognition for his/her hard and sincere research efforts which have brought the institute national and international recognition.

Submission to BOG
"Subsequent to implementation  of sixth Central Pay Commission, an institutional committee was constituted to review the existing Personal Promotion Scheme on 28.01.2010. The committee had several meetings and drafted a revised Personal Promotion Scheme/Policy. The employees of the Institute have also been asked to provide their suggestions on the draft of revised Personal Promotion Scheme. Numerous Suggestions have been received from the employees. However, the committee is yet to give final recommendations on the revised Personal Promotion Scheme. It is further reported that two of the committee members i.e. Sh. Bhupinder Singh DR (F&A) and Sh K. L. Singla DR (A&P) have since left the institute hence the committee is to be reconstituted. Once the Committee submits the report, it shall be placed before the BOG for consideration and decision." 

It is also reported that

"However it is reported that there are two main hinderance in finalization of the policy
1. Contract system
2. Regularization of 107 temporary post

This is highly discriminatory, derogatory and threatening because few staff members have already been informed that ‘contract’ is under abolition since BOG has recommended the same in its 52nd & 53rd meeting and recommendations are pending with ministry for notification. Thus, in the same Institute, on the same issue, two different decisions are being communicated to BOG

 "....posts are regular and are Non-Plan posts."

Resolutions of the 52nd and 53rd meeting of BOG are extracted as under:-

Proceedings of the 52nd BOG meeting held on 29th August, 2009

52.14 To consider removal of contract system of recruitment of employee of the Institute.

The details with respect to nature of present posts in the NIPER, S.A.S. Nagar was discussed in the meeting and it was informed by the representative of the ministry that the posts are regular and are Non-Plan posts. The NIPER informed the Board that Academic Planning & Development Committee (APDC) of the Institute has also recommended that Contract System could be done away with.

THE BOARD of the Governors accepted the recommendation of APDC and resolved that the removal of the contract system of the recruitment of the employee of the Institute be approved with the appropriate amendments in the act and Statutes of the Institute.

Proceedings of the 53rd BOG meeting held on 17th November, 2009

53.7 Any other business

A xxxxxxx    xxxxxxx     xxxxxxxxx

B Majority of the problems in the Institute are related to contractual appointments against the permanent posts. As a result, there is a sense of insecurity in the mind of the incumbents. He further emphasized that the decision of the Board taken in the 52nd Meeting held on 29th August, 2009 w.r.t. abolition of the contract system of recruitment of employees in the institute be implemented as soon as possible, with appropriate amendments in the act and statutes of the institute. 

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