Wednesday 28 September 2011

Corruption @NIPER Case Four

Officiating Director, utilizing 11th five year plan money, printed a book from local Printer Azad Publisher for Rs. 5 lacs ( Rs. five lacs) and Price of the book printed is Rs 400 and USD 35. In the acknowledgement it is written The grant for the project (GP294) is received from the nodal ministry of Chemical and Fertilizer Govt. of India, Dept. of Pharmaceuticals. Thus taking Money from two Govt. sources for the same project.
From  a bare perusal of the facts, it is clear that officiating director has gravely misused his official position and his act may bring disrepute to the stature and reputation of NIPER.

1. RTI document obtained from NIPER
2. Pages of the printed book

Important points

1. The statement made in the book is reserved for proprietary items and cannot be stated in government funded project outcome-based document.
2. It has been priced, which clearly indicates that it was initially meant for selling, not permitted for government funded project unless of course, DoP / GOI had authorized it.
3. The proceeds of sale and royalty is pocketed by whom?


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  2. please look at NIPER Guwahati. its fully corrupted.