Thursday, 29 September 2011

Problem of Governance @NIPER

Problem of governance of NIPER (administrative as well as financial) is well documented and also caused agony of intellectual elites of this country.

Dr. Raghunath Anant Mashelkar, ex-DG CSIR resigned from Chairmanship of Board of Governor (BOG)  before his term expired.  Dr. T. Ramasami, Secretary Govt. of India, Ministry of science and Technology became Chairman BOG, NIPER

Response to an RTI revealed that  Dr. T. Ramasami, Secretary Govt. of India, Ministry of science and Technology in his letter D.O. No. DST/Secy/192/2009 dated April 06, 2009 wrote,

“I have experienced that BoG of NIPER is mostly dealing with governance issues. While the issues raised are important, in my view it will be better if BoG is Chaired by someone else with greater experience in governance issues within the administrative framework of the department of Pharmaceuticals. My personal background being academic, it seems to suit our autonomous institutions within the Ministry of science and technology better then it dose in the case of NIPER Mohali.
I have requested officially the Department of Pharmaceuticals to relieve me from the Chairmanship of BoG of NIPER. It is only fair, therefore, that the next BoG is convened after the appointment of new Chairman. I hope that you will appreciate my position in the matter.
Best wishes to NIPER and BoG

Kindest regards
Yours sincerely
T. Ramasami 

SOS: Anybody listening? Any good soul out there to with good intention of saving a Institute of National Importance?


  1. Yes sir, we are there with you to save....!

  2. Wow!! at least one Courageous NIPERians is out there