Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Corruption @NIPER Case One

Misappropriation of 11th Five Year Plan money allotted to NIPER, Mohali, pertaining to project on Intellectual Property Rights (Scheme N17), Project Outlay Rs.2.25 crores and project on new specialization in R&D Management (Scheme N14), Project Outlay Rs.1.60 crores.

1. RTI Document obtained From NIPER
2. RTI Document Obtained from Ministry
3. TRI document Obtained From CVC

Important points

1. Ex Director NIPER did not inform incharge of these projects about approval of the project FOR THREE YEARS. Though no funds were released to them nor he submitted any utilization certificate, Rs. 30 lacs Rs. 40 lacs and Rs. 45 lacs (total – Rs.115 lacs) were duly released by Ministry for three consecutive financial years to NIPER (2007-08, 2008-09 2009-10) years.

2. After Directors resignation, officiating Director took charge  in January, 2010. He asked project in-charge to ‘forget the past’ and ‘start afresh with positive outlook’. He assured  full support for the IPR project as approved. However, when the funds came, he again diverted the same for purchase of ‘sci-finder’ software which was neither proposed nor approved under the scheme

3. Recently, we came to know that  bothe Ex Director and Officiating Director  have repeated similar story of diversion and misappropriation of 11th Five Year Plan Money in another project pertaining to “Research and Development Specialization in Management”, proposed by Management Department and duly approved for funding of Rs.160 lacs (New Scheme-N14).

4. Cost of Sci finder paid by NIPER is substantially high ($59,000) compared to what IIt and other institutes of the country paid ($24,000).

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