Friday, 30 September 2011

You shall bell the CAT


"The fear of God is gone, and so is the fear of law. Few are caught and fewer convicted-of every 100 corruption related crimes. All this has made corruption a 'high-profit low-risk business'".
D.R. Karthikeyan, Former director of the CBI and DG, National Human Rights Commission.

If you are following any news paper/channel now-a-days, you know how efficiently the existing prevention of corruption mechanisms of our country works. Thus every good citizen has to do some extra effort to make India Against Corruption mission successful. After all it is our country, our neighborhood, our organization is suffering from a disease and we should be concerned about it.
Here are the few simple steps.

DEMAND TRANSPARENCY: Access to official information through RTI is legal. Get information for R&D projects, infrastructure projects of your organization and inform the people there. Officials may be asked to explain why the money has not gone where it should have, and can be shamed into changing their behavior in future.

DISSEMINATE INFORMATION: Initiate discussion, within your own organization and with your friends about how existing complaint mechanisms are working (or not), and see whether there is room for any of you to take an initiative to improve them.

FORM AN 'INTEGRITY CIRCLE: If you are working in an organization with a reputation for corruption, form an 'integrity circle' with like-minded colleagues. Each member makes a pact with all the others that he/she will not be involved in corrupt activities and will support each other if anyone has any problems over this refusal.

BE A WHISTLEBLOWER: The most effective thing that individuals can do is to complain when they see corrupt acts occurring. This can be difficult when your superiors are the ones who are misbehaving! But not impossible

DE-WEED THE SYSTEM: When you see opportunities to remove unnecessary blockages in systems that serve no useful purpose but which create opportunities for corruption, write to ministers, MPs, MLAs, newspapers, media drawing attention to the reforms needed.

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