Monday, 2 July 2012

"GANG OF नईपार " resorts to character assassination

Gang of NIPER (stylized as: GANG OF नईपार) is an Indian corrupt syndicate of four people. Continuous exposure of their corrupt deeds by RTI, news media and internet caused clinical irritation.

Thus frustrated "GANG OF नईपार " resorts to character assassination of whistle blowers and Hon'ble BOG members who refused to sign the dotted line.

Example One: Dr. Neeraj Kumar while working as Assistant Professor in National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPER), Sector-67, S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali), Punjab - 160062 was responsible for harassment of one Scheduled Caste student,

Caveat: The letter written by the student and his Affidavit in Hon'ble Punjab Haryana High court make it clear beyond doubt that he was harassed by HOD, and officiating director not by Dr. Neeraj Kumar at any stage. Rumor mill says a audio recording of the conversation of the student with authority is also exists. 

Example Two: Nilanjan Roy is a criminal and he tried to kill my wife with car running 80 km/h with NIPER campus. He is also harassed girl student.

Caveat: NIPER Formula One Grand Prix track in 12 five year plan (like Olympic swimming pool in 11th five year plan)? Any thing possible at NIPER  

Example Three: .........................We all know about your past how you used to shout and mistreat your students. You even had used un-parliamentary words against women students in your lab. Beware if the facts go to National commission against women you will be crucified. Apart from that you have been fudging up data for your research (proof is to be given to Ministry of science and tech). So mister knowmics all this fight against corruption is a just bogus to cover your misdeeds what you have done in the past like giving false bills for your Belgium travel.

Caveat: All these words were forgotten during charge sheet formulation.

Example Four: Dr. Kumar discussed the problem of funding and other related personal problems instead of discussing the achievements during the 11th Five Year Plan period. 

Caveat: Google says Dr. Kumar,s bio data is better then professors, still he is not fit for associate professor post.

Example Five: ................Team Roy: This gang of 2-3 persons are playing with themselves and with the reputation of NIPER SAS Nagar. They think they constitute BOG of NIPER and not the office bearers. They do not let the authorities to work and indulge their energy and time towards non-productive work. This man who projects himself as "Biped Against Corruption", he and his gang “Team Roy” itself is submerged in corruption from top to bottom.

Caveat: Sounds like NIPER's own Manish Tiwary  

Example six: Rather, it is being said that Mrs. XXXX is a front for, Dr Parikshit Bansal.  Mrs XXXX is an engineer, but the kind of assignment she has offered to XXXX Group is to our understanding involves in depth knowledge of microbiology, biochemistry, MEMS, etc.

Caveat: Not only Dr. Bansal is bad his whole family is ugly too

Example Seven: Dr. Bansal discussed the problem of funding and other related personal problems, instead of discussing the achievements during the 11th Five Year Plan period. 

Caveat: What did he discuss? His mother's health or kid's education?

NB: Caveat not necessary for the following comments.

Example Eight: During the formation of BOG even a anonymous letter was circulated by the dirty trick Department of NIPER and action initiated by then JOINT SECRETARY/ DOP. The letter alleged that embezzlement of NIPER funds by Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain, in collusion with DR. Nilanjan Roy, Member of the then purchase committee of NIPER.  The aim was to remove Dr. Nilanjan Roy from purchase committee as leakage of approximately Rs.40 lacs per annum in purchase of diesel (Purchase of 44000 LTR diesel per quarter against 5000 LTR in four months now. Cash purchase for laboratory spares came down by RS. 70 LACS per annum  and ghost workers around 90 were reduced as a result of policy changes.  That is why this anonymous letter surfaced one to remove DR. NILANJAN ROY  from the committees and to stop MR. LALIT KUMAR JAIN from continuing as BOG member. 

Example Nine: A RTI suppose to have been made on behest of the dirty trick Department of NIPER to Department of Pharmaceuticals stating DR. T. ALESAN and SH. LALIT KUMAR JAIN as criminals. This RTI applicants address was false.

Example Ten: ......................outside elements in BOG of NIPER are hindering the smooth working of NIPER MOHALI and requested secretary DOP to change such members. The reply was "the same was not within his preview as BOG is approved by higher authorities".

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