Thursday 10 May 2012

Charges against Dr. Nilanjan Roy based on which dismissal is ordered.

 Based on the fictitious inquiry report conducted by prejudiced inquiry officer, current officiating director imposed penalty of dismissal from service vide order no F.1-16(8)/2011/Estt./343 Dated 20/04/2012 and withdrawal of facility by subsequent office order no F.1-16(8)/2011/Estt./323 Dated 20/04/2012 with immediate effect.
Punishment imposed by officiating director on Dr. Roy is rediculous to the charges fabricated. Dismissal generally ordered for gravest of the grave act like dowry death, rape or disproportionate asset worth crores of rupees. 

Perusal of the charged framed proved the fact undoubtedly. 
I & II Attempt to embezzle money by delayed submission of TA bill, During the framing of charges there no bill outstanding, bills were settled in 2009 and charges framed in 2011. None of the witness or documents presented in the inquiry proves that Dr. Roy had delayed adjustment of TA bill intentionally; it can be merely a technical irregularity.
III Non submission of answer scripts (nine out of 41, 32 submitted), NIPER director and senate chairman never communicated to Dr. Roy any direction regarding disposal of the same after his complain lodged in Aug 2009 till the framing of charges.
IV Deliberately not marking attendance, charges could not sustain.
V Suspension of the class, document presented in the inquiry and deposition of witness proves conclusively that manpower assistance was absolutely necessary for the course. Ex-Dean and F&AO deliberately prevented recruitment of manpower in the pretext of funds though sufficient funds (2.10 lakhs) were available. 

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  1. Wherever the tag 'fight against corruption' comes...people get attracted to it, and start supporting the person who speaks more, mindlessly.... nobody has any idea of the truth, and honesty gets crushed, which usually have lesser voice.... just a request ...please use your brains ...coz you dont have any idea what sort of politics goes on especially in institutes... and NIPER has unfortunately come into this political game...where some elements are trying to ruin the name of the institute for their own benefit...