Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Cost overrun of construction projects, are the justifications correct?

What happened to cost overrun money?

1. No new lecture hall is build though cost overrun of 3 crore claimed???
2. Exorbitant cost of firefighting system and lift for boys hostel??
3. Swimming pool is still non functional after 16 months and cost over run of 17 lacs.
4. For shopping center no earth work is done.
5. Guest rom for community center ?? NIPER guest house and annex are unoccupied most of the time, 
6. Rooms upstairs of community center was the part of original plan.
7. Where is the additional Gate?  

Satya Seleucus..ki bichitro ei Desh (really Seleucus, what an amazing country is this!)

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