Saturday, 19 May 2012

The incredible lie Part III-Krithya Akaranam, Akrutya Karanam.

The Lie,

Bhutani said adding that NIPER's accounts are inspected by government auditors and tabled in the Parliament. 

The Truth,

Govt auditor??? Every year the same Audit farm writes Facts and Figures supplied by NIPER is verified!!! What is supplied and what is actual nobody knows. CAG never done complete audit of NIPER account or performance review audit. CAG only do 10% test audit of NIPER supplied Documents each year

Documents retrieved by RTI, shows that even in 10% test audit CAG noted loss/irregularity of 607 lakhs in one year alone. All reportes of CAG send to Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) every year, When inquired Dop decided to keep mum about loss/irregularity of NIPER account pointed out by CAG. DoP never replied to the following RTI

However when the same question asked in Rajya Sabha, DOP replied information with regard to observations/ objections of CAG during the last three years being collected again avoiding the question bureaucratically

Thus "cooking up stories" and "NIPER's accounts are inspected by government auditors and tabled in the Parliament." stands where MR????

Krithya Akaranam, Akrutya Karanam. 
Did what law says don't do and didn't do what he should have 

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