Saturday 12 May 2012

"Quotable Quotes" & "News Bites"

Work Culture @NIPER I know the work culture at NIPER, it is really not conducive to do good research. Some senior faculties rule the NIPER and expect the junior faculties side with them whether their actions are right or wrong. If you are not one of them you are outcasted and face lot of trouble. I had very bad experience at NIPER which made me to come back to the USA. During that year (2007) alone three young faculties left the NIPER. I am saddened to hear the news that still the bad work culture continues and getting worst now. I request the BOG should take some action and improve the working environment at NIPER.-Dhanasekaran Muthu

Shattered Dreams I had joined NIPER with a dream of great scientific research, but my experience was really bitter. Because of some people in the senior faculty, the institute has deteriorated much. Somebody else takes the credit for your research, and you have to compromise with your work, your ethics- Arvind Saklani, 

Stinky behavior This behavior really stinks. This behavior of the otherwise prestigious NIPER instute is a reason not to cooperate with them anymore

Bert De Brock EU India EU JWG
Indian science What I have been hearing about Niper for the last few years, only conforms to what I have said about Indian science in general and in worse. Many Institutions have been created and thousands of crores have been spent only to favour incompetent lot because of various factors which is a long list of Indian Diversity. People who have never done an experiment themselves are adorned with high Padma awards and such power to make or destroy careers - Prof. KalluriSubba Rao., Ph.D., D.Sc.(IISc),FAS-AP, FAMS., FNASc.,FNA.INSA 

Above one billion,There are very few in this country of above one billion, who could stood up to the truth. The corruption and malaise practices are nearly every where. Most of us think it is destiny, NO it is not. Hats off to you. Keep on fighting! But let your scientific work continues, that is very important, not for your self but for thousands of Indian scientists, who suffer from one or other kind of harassment at their work places. May it be promotions/Awards/positions or diversion of funds etc. The manipulators get the best, and those who act as whistle blowers are penalized.- Dr. Veer P.S. Awana 

Dismissal is not new at NIPER NIPER has previously dismissed a scientist, Dr Animesh Roy, who had alleged misconduct on the part of another senior NIPER scientist. Reportedly [1] an inquiry committee set up by NIPER's board found, back in 2009, that the allegations made by Dr Roy were true and he had been punished for whistle-blowing. Nevertheless, he was not re-appointed until 2011.-Rahul Siddharthan

Whistleblower’ biotechnologist shown the door -    

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  1. If Chairman, BOG does not respond in time, you may have to seek legal redressal. Be prepared for that. Such cases drag for a lifetime (eg. case of Dr. Pramanik in IMTECH)!
    KKB would have retired by then and escape...I don't know how SSM got involved in this!
    Anyways, good luck!