Tuesday, 15 May 2012

People against the order of dismissal & eviction of Dr. Nilanjan Roy

Amit Maiti, United States, 05/06/12,
"By reading Decan Herald, it appears to me that charges are nominal and should not be  justified reasons for eviction."

Anabela  Cordeiro-da-Silva, United States, 05/14/12,
"I have been collaborating with Prof. Nilanjan Roy for a number of years in the area of parasitic disease with the aim to discover an effective treatment. Together with other colleagues from Europe, we had applied to a call entitled‚ "Tools to control trypanosomatides" in the FP7 and we are positioned among the top 10 worldwide. Recently we were successfully awarded the highly competitive New indigo grant (one of the 13 research project funded worldwide) with this research consortium. I find Professor Nilanjan Roy to be a very good trustworthy professional and I believe in the free circulation of ideas and positive and constructive actions as part of our mission as scientists."

Andreas Bender, United Kingdom, 05/13/12,
"I have known Dr Roy for about 5 years and have no reason to doubt his credibility in any way. While I cannot comment in particular on the charges discussed here, I would like to express my complete confidence in the trustworthiness of Dr Roy. He wants the best for NIPER, and for his country - and sometimes, which is a shame, the 'establishment' then does not correct the situation but rather fires the whistleblower. All the best, Dr Roy!"

Asish  Chaudhuri, United States, 05/07/12,
"I am signing to protest against the recent  order of dismissal & eviction of Dr. Nilanjan Roy whom I know since 1987-88. Despite of his outstanding contribution in biomedical research, he is fired beacuse of his honest roar against the corruption. As a scientist and a nomral human being, I strongly protest against this eviction order and at he same time I strongly believe that Dr. Roy will get proper justice. "

BERT DE BROCK, Netherlands, 05/06/12,
This behavior really stinks. This behavior of the otherwise prestigious NIPER instute is a reason not to cooperate with them anymore.

Bidyut Ghosh, United States, 05/14/12,
I know Neelanjan from my days in Bose Institute when I was a Post-doc and he was  a graduate student. I am familiar with his honesty and integrity in science and I don't believe any of those bull shit charges brought against him. I hope those dishonest and corrupted bureaucrats are brought to justice ASAP and Neelanjan's position is restored with dignity and honor he deserves.

Biswajit Bera, United States, 05/09/12,
"I knew Nilanjan since his student life,such a sincere and hard working person,has contributed immensly to uplift the image of Indian Scince,should get proper justice.I strongly appeal against his dismissal and eviction."

Biswarup Ghosh, United States, 05/14/12,
I am supporting Dr. N. Roy because he is a famous scientist in INDIA today. We need inquiry against the director charging him a master mind of corruption in research institute.

Dhanasekaran Muthu, United States, 05/08/12,
"I had associated with Nilanjan during my short tenure at NIPER as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry. He seemed a nice guy and a dedicated scientist. I know the work culture at NIPER, it is really not conducive to do good research. Some senior faculties rule the NIPER and expect the junior faculties side with them whether their actions are right or wrong. If you are not one of them you are outcasted and face lot of trouble. I had very bad experience at NIPER which made me to come back to the USA.  During that year (2007) alone three young faculties left the NIPER.  I am saddened to hear the news that still the bad work culture continues and getting worst now. I request the BOG should take some action and improve the working environment at NIPER.  "

Dilip  Ghosh, Australia, 05/07/12,
This academic autocracy should be stopped immediately. India is already overloaded  with political corruption ans misuse of power.

Jagat Mukherjee, United States, 05/10/12,
"I know Dr. Nilanjan Roy very well while working at Cleveland Clinic Res Found, USA. He is a very honest, sincere and principled person,   always maintains work ethics in scientific practices. He is a promising researcher in the field of cell biology and molecular biology.  I believe that he is conducive to the prgress of healthy research in any part of the globe."

Prof. Dr Aleksandar De Majo, Serbia, 05/07/12,
Professional and ethical reasons.

Raghu Ram, United States, 05/07/12,
He is one of the best teacher and unique personality. I strongly support Dr. Nilanjan Roy

RAVINDER CHHACHHIYA, United States, 05/08/12,
"As it was seen by the NIPER board of governer's enquiry and also by the performance evaluation panel on Dr. Roy that he is a good ethical man, whistle blower and high on performance. So it is the need of the hour that we all must come forward for the cause and support  Dr. Roy, otherwise it would be a blot on the history of  Institute of National Imporance. His suspension and eviction must be withdrawn."

Sangeeta Sah, United States, 05/13/12,
" I  am signing because i have also been victimized by kumaun university for sending representation to Chancellor against wrongful appointment at Dept of Pharmacy, Kumaun University, Uttarakhand. I am well aware now that if a person raises his or her voice against corruption, he is victimized."

Sarbari Roy, Sweden, 05/06/12,
"As an indian I am ashmaed to the level of corruption in India  in every aspect of life but to see it in a scientific institution makes me sad, Seems like Nilanjan is neither the first or probably the last one from this same institute. Something must be wrong and needs an open and honest investigation."

Satbir Kaur Gill, Ireland, 05/08/12,
I worked with Dr. Roy for a year as JRF and I always enjoyed working in his group.

Sumit Deswal, Germany, 05/09/12,
I have known Dr Roy from my masters time at NIPER. I found him a honest and down to earth person. I believe we need people like him.

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