Thursday, 17 May 2012

The incredible lie Part I

The Lie

However, the officiating director of NIPER Kamlesh Kumar Bhutani told Nature India that Roy has been dismissed "because of proven charges of financial embezzlement, forgery and gross academic misconduct" and that he was given "fair and full opportunity to defend himself."

The Truth

In the charge sheet; charge I is framed as "Attempt to embezzle money by delayed submission of TA bill". Kamlesh Kumar Bhutani told Nature India "proven charges of financial embezzlement"  mincing words  Attempt to embezzle and embezzlement?? 

Which one is truth Mr???

Dr. Roy was in house arrest for 14th months, His office was sealed very next day, had no access to papers or computer of his office  signed every day in the NIPER Main Gate although no faculty signing anywhere in NIPER for last 14 years. Following letter and the daily dairy sheet recorded by inquiry officer noted the truth. 

Is that the fair and full opportunity you are talking about MR??????

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