Sunday, 6 March 2016

Modus Operandi Used by NIPER Directors to Suck Funds out of 11th Five Year Plan (2007-12)

  1. Scientists and faculty are asked to write projects as per their expertize.
  2. Once projects are written, names of individuals are removed and ‘pooled’ proposal submitted by NIPER Director to Ministry.
  3. Ministry submits ‘pooled proposal’ to Planning Commission. After approval of projects, objectives and budget by Planning Commission, funds are released to Ministry.
  4. Ministry releases the funds to NIPER, with expectation that NIPER director will disburse the funds to faculty on ‘project basis’ so that objectives of projects funded in national interests, are met.
  5. NIPER Director hides the approval of approved budget for various research projects under 5-Year Plan, from his faculty. Does not inform them which projects are approved, how much money has been received and what are the objectives of the projects. Keeps them completely in the DARK.
  6. If any faculty asks, Director informs that Ministry never sends money individually for each projects, but sends a ‘lumpsum’ amount to Director who is free to give any amount as per his wishes, to any project and spend it as he feels best. This is completely false and misleading, because Ministry sends money STRICTLY PROJECT WISE AND SAME IS DULY MENTIONED IN THE RELEASE LETTER TO NIPER ALSO.
  7. NIPER Director deliberately inflates the costs of construction projects and money meant for research projects for students/faculty is spent on ‘non-performing assets’
  8. No review of progress of projects is held.
  9. Final presentations are made at end of five year plan i.e. 2012. Protests of faculty members who complain are not documented and minutes are changed. Thus, there is no record that ‘projects’ failed or that money vanished.
  10. Approximately 70% of the funds released to NIPER, Mohali were bungled i.e. 70% of Rs.156 crores or 109 crores approximately. The funds meant for research, were spent on ‘non-performing’ assets such as buildings, whose cost was highly inflated after project approval e.g. NIPER initially proposed only Rs.5.5 crores for a new auditorium. After spending Rs.4.22 crores, it demanded an additional Rs. 8.64 crores, which was quickly approved by the mid-term review committee on 24-4-2010. 

Detail investigation by CBI will reveal actual amounts and who were benefitted.

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