Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Retirement age of NIPER employees

Under the NIPER Statutes approved by Visitor (President of India) and published in Gazette on 30-10-2003, appointments at NIPER were restricted only by time (5 years) and not by age (age of retirement from contract not mentioned). 

Decision of NIPER (Society) BOG to enhance retirement age (from contract) from 60 to 62 years in 21st Meeting of BOG held on 9-2-1999 was already rendered NULL AND VOID after passing of the NIPER Act on 26-06-1998 and publication of  NIPER Statutes on 30-10-2003. 

Statutes were made by BOG with previous approval of Visitor and duly published in Gazette and specifically restricted ‘contractual appointment’ at NIPER only by time (5 years), removing the clause of age (62 years).

Contractual System of Appointments at NIPER is abolished vide Gazette notification dated 7-7-2014: Appointments to be made on regular basis instead of contractual 

Existing employees to be regularized only after review as per clause 6.2 reproduced below:

“ 6.2 A high level Committee may be constituted with the approval of NIPER, Mohali, including an officer not below the rank of Joint Secretary from the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers (Department of Pharmaceuticals) which will examine and recommend the regularization of existing contractual employees taking into account, inter-alia, the following criteria:

i) whether a regular method of recruitment was followed in a fair and transparent manner while appointing the existing contractual employee;

(ii) whether his or her past performance and the service record have been found satisfactory;

(iii) whether he or she fulfilled the qualification provided for that particular post at the time of his or her appointment on which he or she is being considered for regularisation.

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