Tuesday, 15 March 2016

"Sword of Damocles" -- hanging on NIPER employees

All government employees  holding a temporary appointment (on contract basis), has no long-term benefits such as a pension or retirement age. Former expenditure secretary in Finance Ministry and architect of the sixth pay commission, Sushma Nath, said fiscal deficit constraints were one of the reasons why  governments not very keen in regularization. Rituparna Chakraborty, president of Indian Staffing Federation, noted that most of the temporary workers have no employment security since they are recruited in a contractual job which provides no other financial assurance other than the gross salary these employees earn.

Incidentally, all NIPER employees are in Five-year contract basis. The same rule of retirement age and pension applicable for all other government employees  holding a temporary appointment is also applicable to all NIPER employees.

Though a notification is done for regularization based on High-court direction, nothing is done in this regard till date. People who were helm of affears were so busy in corruption could not find time to implement High-court direction. Ironically those are the first set of victims of their own misdeed. 

Department of Pharmaceutical (DoP) recently removed four professors clinging on the chair after 6o years and also asked NIPER to provide detail account of all employees (contractual and ad-hoc) in pay and pension role. Ministry also asked the details of the procedure of their recruitment. 

Substantial recruitment in NIPER is done without following laid dow procedure like proper advertisement screening and interview as per the post. "Many records are unavailable, DoP will have tough time to finalize the regularization, many faculties career are in jeopardy", said a professor in the condition of anonymity   

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