Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Within hours of taking charge Ex-faculty member seeks suspension

A former faculty member of NIPER, Dr Prikshit Bansal, has challenged the appointment of Prof Saranjit Singh as officiating director of the institute. He submitted a complaint to the Registrar-cum-Central Vigilance Officer (CVO), NIPER, alleging that as per the Vigilance rules, an official facing charges (which are criminal in nature) could not even continue on his/her existing post. “Here, he has been given the charge of officiating director, which is completely against the rules,” alleged Dr Bansal. He asked the authorities to seek a clarification in this matter from the Ministry (if required).

From: Parikshit Bansal <>
Date: Tue, Mar 8, 2016 at 9:13 AM
Subject: Joining of Prof. Saranjit Singh as Officiating Director, NIPER Mohali is violation of Vigilance Rules


Kind attention:

The Registrar Cum Central Vigilance Officer (CVO)
NIPER, Mohali

It has come to my notice that the CBI, Chandigarh has registered an FIR against Prof. Saranjit Singh, Head, Pharmaceutical Analysis, NIPER, Mohali and copy of the FIR was duly sent to you, as the CVO.

The charges in the FIR against Prof. Saranjit Singh are criminal in nature. As per the vigilance rules, such an officer cannot even continue on existing post, let alone take charge of 'Officiating Director' which news has appeared in the newspaper today. Purely in public interest, I wish to draw your attention to vigilance rule position in this regard, reproduced as below:

Relevant rule position in the Central Vigilance Commission Manual ( is reproduced below:

“2. When a Government servant may be suspended.

2.1. A Government servant may be placed under suspension when a disciplinary proceeding against him is contemplated or is pending or where, in the opinion of the competent authority, he has engaged himself in activities prejudicial to the interest of the security of the State or when a case against him in respect of any criminal offence is under investigation, enquiry or trial.

Dr. Saranjit Singh already has a proper case registered case against him (FIR by CBI No. RCCHG2016A0005 dated 14-1-2016) by name and matter is under investigation. Hence, rather than giving him charge as Officiating Director, you are duty bound to seek clarification in this matter from Ministry (if required) and move the papers for his suspension at the earliest.

In case you still wish to make Prof. Saranjit join as Officiating Director, it will be in violation of your duties as the CVO.  


Dr.Parikshit Bansal

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