Thursday, 31 May 2012

Questionable appointments at NIPER by officiating director

1. Recrutement of Registrar. The appointed Registrar was not eligible as per advertisement, yet he was appointed keeping The Board in dark leading to unnecessary litigation.

2. Regularization of four Asst. Professor recruited adhoc basis without proper selection procedure.

3. Recrutement of three in one professor Prof. Naresh Kumar as Professor in Pharmaceutical Management (NIPER Registrar Office Order no. F.1-3(293)/2011/Estt./1343 dated 19-10-2011), Business Development Manager (SIGNED final minutes of 13th APDC meeting held at NIPER on 19-11-2011, as agenda item no. 13.6) and as a Professor in IPR Department (RTI response given vide NIPER Letter no. F 235/RTI 43/2012/1030 dated 4-5-2012 ) without any advertisement and selection committee as per NIPEr rule. 

4. Recruitment of Prof. Jyoti Paliwal as a Professor in Pharmaceutics, on ad-hoc basis without advertisement and regularization of a Professor appointed on ad-hoc basis illegally. 

5. Recruitment of  Sh. Hari Mohan  as a Consultant without informing the BoG that he was a practicing Lawyer registered with the Bar Counsel, which is prohibited by law.

6. Recruitment of Dr. Madhu Tuli as Gynecologist as NIPER Doctor for 700 male student without advertisement. 

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  1. Dr. Roy should challenge the dismissal in a court and get the suspension stayed until the case is resolved. This should be done before exposing more corruption. Usually, Officiating Directors do not take serious policy decisions!
    How did UCB supersede AKC to become Dean?