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Corruption and misdeeds of NIPER in Mail Today

Corruption and misdeeds at pharma institute

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    The ministry of chemicals and fertilisers has asked the board of governors of the Mohali-based National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) to explain financial irregularities and allegations of corruption in running of the institute. 
    The ministry, which is the parent body for the institute, says it is up to the board of governors to deal with the allegations of corruption and financial misdeeds. 
    'A report from the board is being sought,' minister for chemicals and fertiliser Srikant Jena told the Rajya Sabha last week. 
    Mail Today had exposed the irregularities in the institute on March 13. Jena said under the NIPER Act, it is the board's responsibility 'to manage and regulate finances, accounts, investments, property business and all other administrative affairs'. 
    The board is currently headed by Dr V.M. Katoch, director general of the Indian Council of Medical Research. 
    Despite possessing all necessary powers under the Act, sources said, the board has failed to take any action on the complaints about corruption and financial irregularities. 
    Jena also said the department of pharmaceuticals has proposed a plan of Rs1,375 crore for the institute during the 12th plan period. 
    The test audit of the institute's account have revealed that huge amounts of grants have either been lying unutlised or have been diverted for other purposes. 
    The auditors have termed the fund as 'purposeless' as no purpose has been stated.

    Blog exposed the irregularities in NIPER in 2nd December 2011


    You do the Math

    Press Trust of India / New Delhi November 30, 2011, 16:06 IST

    Pharma institutes

    Huge amount of taxpayers money is being misappropriated @NIPER Mohali. The act is crystal clear from the RTI response of CAG. RTI response revealed that 607.26 lakh is misappropriated in 2009-10 alone and CAG has written serious paras about the misappropriation. 

    Out 10 cr 6 cr is misappropriated, out 3,000 cr? ....................You do the math

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