Monday, 2 April 2012

Government hold Board of Governors (BOG), NIPER responsible for all the misdeeds

In response to an RTI query Department of Pharmaceuticals (DOP) said that no inquiry/investigation against officiating Director is done till date. Moreover in reply to Rajya Sabha question Government hold Board of Governors (BOG), NIPER responsible for all the misdeeds and corruptions of Officiating Director NIPER.

Till date more then 14 formal complains written by three faculty members were send to Board of Governors (BOG) through Chairman BOG. Documentary proof is also submitted to Chairman on 14th Oct 2011, in his office at ICMR headquarter. However, no action taken till date.

Prolonged failure to take action on the issue till it came out in the open, in the face of the duty cast shadow on "every person of BOG" by Section 39 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). The section explicitly narrates When anybody becomes "aware of the commission of or of the intention of any other person to commit" any of the range of offences listed in Section 39 CrPC; including breach of trust by public servant, he "shall ... forthwith give information" to the nearest magistrate or police officer of "such commission or intention".

On the contrary in absence of BOG based on anonymous complain and joint secretary Pharma’s instruction an inquiry is set up against the whistle blower (one of the three). Latter on in presence o BOG the same procedure is repeated. Based on fabricated documents presented in BOG by officiating directors another inquiry and a fact finding committee is set up, to mum the remaining two whistle blowers.

Though DOP hold BOG responsible on corruption issues, in response of second question Department of Pharma tactfully avoided to answer whether BOG vetted the 12th Five year proposal or not? However accepted the fact that Rs 1400 crore is asked from Planning commission in the name of NIPER Mohali. 

Only few privileged ones know that under which heads Rs 1400 crore is asked. In fact BOG never seen the 12th five year plan nor discussed it interms of "Mission and Vision" of NIPER, neither the plan is made in consultation with NIPER Faculty member. 

12th five year plan was not the part of Agenda, not discussed in BOG meeting held in Aug, 2011 or Jan 2012. 

The plan is made by one of the courtier of officiating Director and lacks scientific credibility.

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