Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Interesting facts about NIPER Registrar appointment

Fact 1

As recorded in the minutes of the 54th meeting "It was informed by Prof. Bhutani that the appointed registrar is B.Com, LL.B, MBA having more than 23 years of vast administrative experience."

Date of birth of  Wing Cdr PJP Singh Waraich (Retd.) as per his biodata is Jan 1969 (Subroto Park), date of interview was Sep 2011, If he is having "more than 23 years of vast administrative experience" on the date of interview, he must have started gathering administrative experience at the age of 19 years!! 

Caveat: What kind of administrative experience he was gathering since his 19th birthday??

Fact 2

It was also recorded that " The Selection comittee for the post of registrar was comprising of Prof. N. Satyamurthy, Director IISER Mohali, Dr. Girish Sahani, Director IMTECH Chandigarh & Prof. H. S. Nigah Prof. & Head (Retd.), Punjab Engneering Collage, Chandigarh, who recommended the present incumbent for the post of registrar.

However the fact is Dr. Girish Sahani, Director IMTECH Chandigarh was absent in the interview. 

Caveat: Why officiating director suppressed the fact??

Fact 3

As per NIPER statues Cluse 3.1.2 (b) to appoint Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant professor and other staff in equivalent grades, as may be necessary on the recommendation of the selection comittee constituted for the purpose;  

However as recorded in the minuteds of the 54th meeting "The board noted the appointment of Wing Cdr PJP Singh Waraich (Retd.) as Registrar of the Institute"

Standard english dictionary definition of, 

Approved vs Noted: Approved and noted are English verbs that both pertain to a demonstration of affirmation towards an act or object. They are however two distinct verbs used for different contexts.

Approved by definition means to confirm, ratify or sanction officially or to commend or regard as good. It is an expression of acceptance towards a favorable or pleasing thing or action. 

On the other hand noted,  means to have taken into knowledge, awareness, or notice of the already executed proactive action of another person without approving or disapproving it. 

Caveat: Was BOG reserved the right for future disapproval??

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