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Where is the Money? Excess funding to NIPER, Mohali

List of Questions for WRITTEN ANSWERS
to be asked at a sitting of the Rajya Sabha to be held on Friday, April 27, 2012/Vaisakha 7, 1934 (Saka)

Excess funding to NIPER, Mohali
2524. DR. JANARDHAN WAGHMARE: Will the Minister of CHEMICALS AND FERTILIZERS be pleased to refer to reply to Unstarred Questions 1911 and 1912 answered on 30th March, 2012 in Rajya Sabha and state:

(a) whether Government is aware of a news article captioned “Can’t spend but still no end to fund flow” published in a prominent daily on 13th March, 2012;
(b) if so, how does Government deny the   allegations  of   excess funding by endorsing funding of 1375 crore without examination/justification and responsibility of the Board of Governors/Ministry to the Planning Commission; and
(c) the steps taken to fix responsibility and accountability in the matter?

More money from planing commission means more misappropriation and diversion of funds   

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Subject: Proof of Large scale misappropriation and diversion of funds relating to 11th Five Year Plan projects at NIPER Mohali

Kind Attention:
NIPER Faculty Colleagues

Dear All,
With reference to email below, I had made a request to the Dean to permit all faculty to be present during presentation of the FINAL REPORT of the 11th Five Year Projects for which NIPER had recieved several crores of rupees. Joint presentation was not allowed. Only one-to-one interaction of investigators with APDC members was allowed. As a result, we could not know how many projects failed, the reasons etc. One project on 'business development group' (Project outlay Rs.1.75 crores) mysteriously vanished from the list of final projects.

Based on interactions with other investigators of the projects, I came to know that one of the major reasons for failure of projects was 'non-release' of funds by NIPER (even though it recieved money from Ministry). In several projects, NIPER administration had released only about 50% of the amount and in some cases it was only 10% and even 0% e.g. ( I got about Rs.22 lacs to meet the objectives of a project on IPRs for which NIPER recieved Rs.2.25 crores, due to which all objectives failed. Against Rs.1 crore for technical manpower, NIPER did not recruit even a single person!). In two other projects, in which my name was there, for first 4 years I was not even aware of the projects.

Five year plan projects are projects funded in national interest and based on the proposals written by the NIPER faculty. When projects fail, it creates a bad impression about the institute and the faculty, that we are not responsible or capable. Unfortunately, we are both- responsible as well as capable. However, if we are neither informed of the project approval nor money released to us to meet objectives of the project and project fails, who is responsible? Not us, but the person who held up the money/diverted it.

The holding up and diversion of money by the NIPER administration  which has been recieved from the ministry, to meet well-defined objectives of projects funded by hard earned tax payers money, amounts to a serious 'breach of trust' for which responsibility must be fixed. I am enclosing copy of my final project report and also details of other projects in which my name was there but money was not released, for your reference and kind perusal.

Best wishes,
Dr.Parikshit Bansal

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