Thursday, 5 April 2012

Registrar NIPER illegal appointment challenged in High Court of Punjab & Haryana

High Court of Punjab & Haryana at Chandigarh has taken cognizance of the serious irregularities and illegalities relating to selection of a favored candidate by the Officiating Director to post of Registrar, NIPER, results of the selection committee for the same  held on 9-6-2011 and issued notice of motion for the following respondents  

1. Prof. K. K. Bhutani,  Chairman, Selection Committee for Registrar. 
2. Prof. Saranjit Singh, Member of the Selection Committee 
3. Prof. N. Satyamurthy, Expert Member of the Selection Committee.
4. Prof. H.S. Nigah, Expert Member of the Selection Committee.

5. Dr. V. M. Katoch Chairman, Board of Governors NIPER.
6. Shri D. S. Kalha, Secretary, Department of Pharmaceuticals (DOP), UOI. 

7. P.J.P. Singh Waraich Registrar Quo warranto

Wing Cdr PJP Singh Waraich (Retd.) does not meet the requisite qualifications of eligibility for the post of Registrar at NIPER, Mohali. Officiating Director made his selection deliberately though officiating Director was not competent authority to approve the appointment of registrar. This act of officiating Director amounts to ‘denial of opportunity’ to genuinely deserving candidates besides leading to ‘nepotism’. (angle of economics is also in rumors).

Reported in the blog on TUESDAY, 15 NOVEMBER 2011 
Out of the seven candidates called for interview, three were Ph.D holders, having requisite experience and qualifications as per the advertisement. In fact one of the candidates, Dr.Shyam Narayan, was highly qualified and already working as Deputy Registrar (Administration), at IIT Roorkee. 

However, bypassing merit and experience, the Selection committee favored Mr.Waraich and selected him, though he did not even fulfill the basic criteria of eligibility as per the Advertisement. Under the statutes, it is an essential requirement that merit list of selected candidates be prepared. Surprisingly, no such merit list was prepared. Committee kept the entire process of selection shrouded in mystery and has not disclosed marks obtained by each candidate against qualification, experience, performance in interview and other merit criteria. This was a violation of statutory guidelines. Copy of the duly signed minutes of the meeting of the selection committee held on 9-6-2011 (Thursday) at NIPER is as under. 

On coming to know of this illegal and discriminatory act, the concern faculty members (Whistle Blowers) as concerned and responsible citizen wrote to the Chairman, BOG bringing to his notice the grave violations which have taken place during the selection process for the post of Registrar at NIPER, Mohali and also drawn attrition of society through media and blog. Despite all sincere efforts of petitioners at curbing nepotism and ensuring selection of a genuine, deserving candidate at the sensitive and highly responsible post of the Registrar, NIPER, appeals of the petitioners have fallen on deaf ears and the favored candidate of the Officiating Director, Mr.Waraich continues to hold the post of Registrar, NIPER , Mohali at cost of the other deserving and meritorious candidates


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