Saturday 28 April 2012

Is NIPER going IDPL way???

NIPER Mohali, the blue eyed boy of Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Ministry of C&F, GOI,  which was created with lot of pomp and noise to uplift the pharmaceutical Sciences of India, failed to deliver the expectation of Nation.

It was created as Institute of National importance by the act of Parliament. But rampent corruption, mal administration and mischievous misdeel of "GANG OF FOUR" caused ire of Parliamentarians. Successive questions in Rajys Sabha compeled ministry to take drastic measure. Comprehensive performance evaluation by expert organization (CAG, Performance Audit??) might unearth many unpleasant truth of nonperforming assets. Now fate of the "GANG OF FOUR" and few chillers depends on the outcome of comprehensive performance review report. If ministry have it way then very soon NIPER Mohali will adopt status of IDPL, Hyderabad.

Answer of the second question regarding 12th Five year plan also indicated uncertainty of funding in the current fiscal year. Either way performer scientist of NIPER, Mohali are in trouble.

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