Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Charter of demands for which NIPER students are on strike

1)     Lack of Permanent Placement cell and Placement Officers: Placement activity is a year long process which requires experienced personnel to effectively communicate, maintain contacts and relationship with the company to persuade them to visit our Institute. NIPER-Ahmedabad still lack a permanent cell and the activity of Placement rest on Students and acting placement in-charge. A Placement Cell with qualified personnel is highly essential for effective placement activity.

2)     Present Inadequate Facilities:
·       Poorly Maintained labs: Most of the labs particularly those in the basement i.e. the Pharmaceutics lab, Microbiology lab, Pharmacology lab etc is in unhealthy conditions. The Labs are poorly ventilated, infested with mosquitoes since the area outside the lab are not cleaned. There is need to place Exhaust fans and take necessary action to keep the area cleaned and do necessary pest control.
·       Water Problems: In the entire campus there is not sufficient water purifier. The One which is present is not cleaned regularly. Many a times we have noticed the drinking water being dirty. Thereby we would like to have another being installed in front of library. The water purifier should be regularly cleaned.
·       Handling of Instrument: At B.Pharm level we were allowed to handle instruments in presence of Masters Student. Now being Master students still we are not given chance to handle the instruments independently. We have to depend on availabilityof PhD scholars for our work.

3)      Transportation: Till last year transportation facility was provided for girls from hostel to college and back, however the facility has been withdrawn this year because of which they have to face problems as its difficult to get a vehicle in morning. Though the problem has been addressed to Student welfare officer no action has been taken in last two months.

4)     Holidays: The attendance on Saturday should not be made mandatory and those who wishto work should be allowed to do so. We don’t object for guest lecture being arranged on Saturdays but we should be allowed to leave after the lecture. We also wish to get national holidays.

5)     Canteen food is not as per the required quality and quantity: Regarding canteen food numbers of applications has already been given but none of them have been properly responded. To date canteen food remains to be specify the reason behind the compulsion made to juniors for having dinner from a specific provider only.

6)     Misrepresentation of information on NIPER Ahmedabad official website and official publication of institute: The website of NIPER-Ahmedabad is not updated periodically. The Brochure shows NIPER being named along with PERD but its not been placed in reality even after 5 years.

7)     There is an urgent need for conducive environment, a healthy atmosphere for student to learn and grow and better communication and understanding between different departments. 

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