Sunday 30 September 2012


 why this cola-very PhD.

  • Student Sir, i respect you as a teacher...and i know that you are fighting for a good cause....but if you promote this type of blog it may affect the image of the institute adversely and indirectly may be the students of NIPER....
  • Teacher Dear student do you think the status of NIPER students are good now? Some of the students are not even geting Med rep job, Director himself calling NIPR students beggars, what worst can happened than this?
  • Another student NIPER are abysmal and shoddy state. It is just a NAME TAG no more science is being done. By this I dont want to demoralise any students but it is a serious concern and needs to be taken care of.
  • Student Sir do you think that this blog is going to solve all the problem?

    suppose sir because of your blog even if a single company avoid to come to NIPER for the placement then who will be responsible for that?
  • Sir You! this blog is not for solving problem, the intention is to educate people where is the problem, so that they can solve the problem. NIPER Mohali is now giving PhD in pharmaceutics degree to a MSc Biotechnology, do you think that is right thing to do? NIPER IS GOVING AVERAGE MARKS WITHOUT CONDUCTING CLASS AND EXAM do you think that is right? Company people are fool!! they know what is going on in Interview, thats why they are more interested in UIPS PUnjab University then NIPER. Now they are not interested in hiring any genuine PhD Pharmaceutics from NIPER, What should one do? let this continue or make people aware where is the problem and rectify it. You know where is the problem it is people like you. they keep mum in the face of all wrong doing and question genuine concern. This blog is not only point out problem it also present documentary proof. Prove me wrong I will not only leave NIPER immediately, i will leave teaching profession which is very close to my heart. I take salary for my work and i can not be unfair to my students future. You understand my perspective, if i work 20 years in NIPER and none of my students get job still my salary will be the same, then why i am taking so much of pain? Seems like a foolish thing to do is not it, please answer me that if you can

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