Thursday 13 September 2012

NIPER patent filling & IPR Cell function is in jeopardy

Sep 12, Mohali In reply to  LokS abha question no 4313 tabled on 06.09.12 MOS ministry of C&F Shri SK Jena stated that ad hoc appointment of Dr. NARESH KUMAR was w.e.f. 01.09.2011 for one year. Thus this appointment expired on 31.08.12. Moreover, as per the NIPER Statutes Clause No. 4.7  “An ad hoc appointment shall have to go through regular selection within one year against a normal vacancy in accordance with paras 4.2 and 4.3 of the statutes of NIPER."

Vide office order no. F.1.17 (16)/2001/Estt. 1399 dated 11.11. 2011 wherein Dr. Naresh Kumar (Adhoc Prof, Pharmaceutical Management) was designated I/C IPR Cell, NIPER. Now due to lack of further order Dr. Naresh Kumar has willingly denied to sign any document of IPR Cell as I/C IPR Cell after expiry of his ad-hoc tenure. This has created a serious problem in IPR Cell as there is no I/C IPR Cell to work/execute the matter related to IPR Cell of NIPER.

it is learnt that filling of Indian Patent Application No. 267/DEL/2003 is stuck with K&S partners, patent filling attorney New Delhi, owing to expiry of his appointment term on 31st August, 2012 and his desire not to participate further in the IPR cell activities. According to the NIPER sources  Chairman Board governors denied to intervene.

NIPER Administration /Offg. Director has given 3 different statements at 3 different places regarding appointment of Dr.Naresh Kumar.

Statement 1 :  Appointment of Dr. Naresh Kumar is as Professor in Pharmaceutical Management  (NIPER Registrar Office Order no. F.1-3(293)/2011/Estt./1343 dated 19-10-2011 , indicating Dr.Naresh as Professor, Pharmaceutical Management)

Statement 2 :  Appointment of Dr. Naresh Kumar is as Professor in Business Development Group, NIPER (Statement of Prof. K.K.Bhutani given to the Chairman, APDC and duly documented  in SIGNED final minutes of 13th APDC meeting held at NIPER on 19-11-2011, as agenda item no. 13.6)

Statement 3 :  Appointment of Dr. Naresh Kumar is as Professor in Intellectual Property Rights Cell, Deptt. Of Pharmaceutical Management.
(RTI response given vide NIPER Letter no. F 235/RTI 43/2012/1030 dated 4-5-2012 )

Moreover the appointment is made without any advertisement and without proper selection committee. The regular selection process (as per  NIPER statutes and Govt. of India rules and constitution Art, 14 regarding equal opportunity)  involves:

- Making an open advt. clearly mentioning the essential requirements for post advertised.

- Short-listing of all candidates without any bias.

- Interview of the short-listed candidates by a Selection Committee constituted as per clause 3.6 of NIPER statutes and approved by the NIPER Board of Governors.

- Declaration of the result in a fair and transparent manner within a reasonable period of time.

As per the appointment order of Dr.Naresh Kumar, provided under RTI, he has been appointed in Management Department. However, in his selection committee THERE WAS NOBODY FROM THE MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT and NO ADVERTISEMENT AT ALL WAS MADE FOR THE POST.

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  1. Breaking news....regarding 3-in-1 Professor, Dr.Naresh Kumar, appointed by Dr.K.K.Bhutani. No record of his joining in management department but salary given from management department! Still sitting in same department, without any post or salary- selfless service?