Friday 21 September 2012

NIPER students protest lack of facilities

Ahmedabad Mirror Bureau; Thursday, September 20, 2012 Frequent power outages and poor facilities have forced the pharma students to go on an indefinite strike; institute says it is only interested in academics 

Students of National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) are up in the arms against the institute’s administration for poor sanitation and drinking water facilities and frequent power outages.

The institute is being run from the PERD Centre since 2007. For the past 20 days, there has been no electricity at the institute, say postgraduate students who are on an indefinite strike. They say they will continue the protest till their demands are met.  

However, the institute authorities have made it very clear that they are only interested in academics at this point of time. “We have come here after clearing two entrance exams. For a pharmacy student, getting admission into NIPER is equivalent to getting admission into IIM or IIT. We have students from across the country studying here. But look at the facilities we get,” said Dipen Patel, a second year student. 

The students have submitted their grievances in writing to the administration. But even on the second day of the strike on Wednesday, there was no response from the institute. Harsh Shah, a first year student, said, “We do not even have professors to teach us. We depend on PhD students to handle the apparatus as we are not allowed to use them on our own.” 

 As if the existing problems were not enough, even a five-minute delay in arriving in the classroom would mean a cut in the stipend, complain students. “We get a monthly stipend of Rs 8,000 which comes to approx Rs 260 per day. But if we are late by even five minutes in class, sometimes Rs 600 is cut. I fail to understand why,” says Komal Patel, an second year student.


  1. Niper ahmedabad students are brave Tigers to protest but NIPER-Mohali students are scaredy cats.

    Yesterday in one events Directer of NIPER indirectly told that M.S. students of niper are beggars and are not getting good jobs and for that they keep coming to me for placements.

    I rather say it is good to be a Honest poor than a corrupt Rich like you(Director)

    1. Premier institue like this cannot provide the basic infrastructure such as drinking water, sanitation.... what a shame! The management should be professional and responsive in addressing the basic human needs rather than making such non sense statements like "the mission is to be on par with other premier institues in academics not in facilities". It looks like they are determined to run this in such a poor condition and depriving students of their basic needs and rights! I guess it it not a nursery school to teach them discipline. Its totally ridiculous that the institue is cutting their stipend if student run late by 5 mins!!!!